Canadians Celebrate at Mongrel House during TIFF2019

Toronto, ON- Canadian independent film distributor, Mongrel Media celebrates night two at the 5th Annual Mongrel House at TIFF.

Hosted by Mongrel Media, night two celebrated the following Mongrel Media films: The Climb, Cunningham, Easy Land, Frankie, Knives Out, Pain and Glory, Pompei, The Traitor and The Whistlers.

Onsite activations included a meditation session hosted by Hoame, a Cineplex photo studio, a butter chicken and samosa booth from Butter Chicken Roti, refreshments from FIJI Water, cocktails from CIROC, Tanqueray Gin and Bulleit Bourbon, a Johnnie Walker bar, coffee from Barocco, and sweets from Dunk Restaurants.

Notable guests included design duo Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan, Actor Huse Madhavji, Citynews reporter Adrian Ghobrial, CP24 Meterologist Bill Coulter, CP24 Breakfast’s Gurdeep Ahluwalia, Senior Producer Chris Flak, Juno award-winner Sean Jones and pop-singer Victoria Azevedo.

Other top event partners included Volvo, The Globe and Mail, Anica, Willendorf, World Class Canada and Incredible Printing and Hoame.

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