WBD Access x Canadian Academy Directors Program and successful WBD Access x Canadian Academy Writers Program participants announced

Beginning in June and running through the fall, both programs aim to amplify and nurture underrepresented voices in Canada by providing opportunities for participants to hone their artistry, gain deeper industry knowledge, and experience invaluable exposure to company executives, creators, and established industry professionals.

2022 WBD Access x Canadian Academy Directors Program Participants:

  • Berkley Brady
  • Agam Darshi
  • Cazhhmere Downey
  • Shawn Gerrard
  • Samantha MacAdam
  • Reem Morsi
  • Randall Okita
  • Boris Rodriguez
  • Neegan Trudel
  • Justin Wu

2022 WBD Access x Canadian Academy Writers Program Participants:

  • lindsey addawoo
  • Audrey Béland
  • Aisha Evelyna
  • Mitchell LeBlanc
  • Gorrman Lee
  • Vanessa Magic
  • Mily Mumford
  • Adam Pottle
  • Sam Ruano
  • Darcy Waite

“Representation behind the camera remains a crucial aspect of authentic storytelling, and we could not be more excited to be offering these 20 creative powerhouses the opportunity to further their already impressive careers with this pair of programs,” said Louis Calabro, Interim CEO of the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television. “These writers and directors will receive creative guidance and support from some of the brightest minds working in the industry today thanks to the valuable partnership of WBD Access Canada, who we are thrilled to work alongside to foster the next generation of Canadian talent.”

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